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Company Profile

Hunan Aerospace Chengyuan Precise Machinery Co.,Ltd is a state owned enterprise subordinate to Hunan Aerospace Company With Limited Liability.

Treating the product quality as the life of itself, the company always adhere to the development concept – “Based on Integrity, Pursuit of Excellence”, and the quality policy“to Make Quality Products by Integrity and Realism ,to Develop by Discipline and Innovation”.The company has obtained the license for armament research and production、 armament manufacturing unit registration certificate. It has passed GJB9001A-2001 and Grade Three Secrecy Qualification Certification. It is a high-tech enterprise in Hunan province and an outstanding technological innovation demonstration enterprise in Changsha.

Having well developed product development and process technology system, the company is mainly engaged in the development and production of microwave devices & radar, design and manufacturing of intelligent equipment, development and production of metal matrix composites. Its profession covers microwave technology、mechanical manufacturing and automation、CNC machining、welding technology and equipment、material science and engineering etc. The company now has about 200 high precision machining and testing equipments, such as: 5 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center、 High Precision CNC Turning Milling Machining Center、 Vacuum Aluminum Foil Furnace、Leitz PMM-C 600/700/1000 coordinate measuring machine etc. There are about 320 employees in the company, including about 100 engineering and technical personnel and more than 180 skilled workers. Among them 2 are experts receiving the State Council special allowance,10 senior engineers,1special grade technician ,15 senior technicians and about 40 technicians.

In recent years, the company has developed steadily in civil military integration industry. SiCp/Al composites, industrial microwave heating equipment, deep water pressure test equipment and other products are developed in succession .Its boasts first-class technical level of product nationwide and widely praised by customers.


Main features

  • large power capacity, low standing-wave ratio, wide frequency band, small size, light weight.
  • Frequency range:f=2.4~2.5GHZ。
  • Waveguide type:BJ-26(WR340)。
  • Waveguide materials:Rust-proof Al /Cu.
Waveguide Slot Antenn
Excitation Cavity Waveguide Circulator Waveguide Water Load

Main features:

  • Used for heating; Higher energy-efficiency.
  • High temperature; Large-size; Multi function.
  • Heating type: Microwave or microwave/electric hybrid。
  • Heating Tmax: 1250~1300℃。
  • Microwave frequency: 2450MHz±25 MHz。
  • Microwave safety: <1mW/cm2。
  • Customized products

Main features:

  • Used for low temperature drying; Higher energy-efficiency
  • Heating Tmax: 250~300℃
  • Microwave frequency: 2450MHz±25 MHz
  • Microwave safety: <1mW/cm2。
  • Customized products

Main features:

  • Microwave system: Power continuously adjustabla
  • working temperture: ≤1600℃
  • Microwave safety: <1mW/cm2
  • Optional equipments: Vacuum/rotate/air unit
  • Customized products
SiCp/Al composites

SiCp/Al is a kind of particle reinforced metal matrix composites, it is the third generation of electronic packaging materials. SiCp/Al are greatly interesting for a wide range of application owing to the ability to be tailored controlling the volume fraction of the reinforcement phase. These composites possess both structural and functional applications due to their superior properties such as high specific strength, high stiffness, high temperature resistance and reduced thermal expansion coefficient. Examples of applications are automobile, aeronautics, aerospace, and electronic packaging industris.

Main products

Units IGBT bstrate T/R component radiating carrier Mirror Shape Accuracy of
Reflection Mirror
Micro assembly heat radiation carrier Triangle Bracket of Optical System Main Bearing of Optical System
Deep Water Pressure Testing Equipment

Deep Water Pressure Testing Equipment is a special equipment which can simulate the hydraulic, electric and material performance test under the condition of deep sea high pressure; Our products and services are mainly for research institutes and enterprises engaged in marine scientific research, which have a wide distribution range.In our company, the production of Deep Water Pressure Testing Equipment began in 2004, we have more than ten years of history so far, and rich technical experience.We have formed a series of products, conclude seven kinds of pressure ,such as 10MPa, 20MPa, 40MPa, 60MPa, 80MPa, 120MPa and 150MPa. As the brand of Aerospace, customer groups are high-end research institutes and enterprises in the field of marine research, which won the deep recognition and trust.

Products features

  • Consists of pressure vessel, supercharging system and monitoring system, and so on, design on-off device for special container as required , easy to carry out experiment quickly.
  • Pressure vessel is mainly used the mature clamp flat cover to seal, which is reliable.
  • Booster pump of Supercharging system can be used according to the user's demand, Both from large brand manufacturers in domestic and foreign countries. With characteristics of large flow liquid filling and small flow boost, Fleetly ,safely and reliably; hydraulic line adopts high quality stainless steel, antirust, durable, beautiful.
  • The monitoring system adopts IPC or Touch-screen and PLC, equipped with high precision sensor, control and data acquisition highly automated.
Vertical deep water pressure chamber Horizontal deep water pressure chamber
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