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Company Profile

Aerospace Science and Technology Wuhan magnetic limited liability company is China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation specializing in electromagnetic protection materials and composite materials research and development, production and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises.It belongs to China Aerospace Science and Technology Hunan Space Administration.The company has passed "GJB9001B-2009 quality system certification"

"The company's existing "space shield wave" absorbing materials products, "aerospace paint" and composite materials products.

"Space Shield Wave" brand RF noise suppression material has excellent electromagnetic absorption capacity, high surface impedance, high flexibility and cutting performance, support broadband applications.

"Aerospace paint" products are widely used in industrial steel structure, building , petrochemical, power corrosion and other fields.

Composite series is widely used in building materials, automobiles, ships, aircraft and other fields, it has high efficiency and excellent performance.

The company has a high-quality professional and technical personnel and management team, and advanced production equipment, complete testing means, stable product quality and professional after-sales service by users praise.

(1) "Space shield wave" SP-1000、SP-2000 series of absorbing materials
SP-1000, SP-2000 series of absorbing materials is a kind of absorption of electromagnetic wave-based functional composite materials,it has a high permeability, low loss characteristics.Can eliminate the electromagnetic wave back and forth reflection, it has a high permeability can play the role of the flux of flux.It is widely used in areas where electromagnetic wave absorption is required.
SP-1000 SP-2000
(2) "Space shield wave" SP-3000 series of absorbing materials
Characteristics of high magnetic loss of SP - 3000 series absorbing materials。It is effective to prevent electromagnetic radiation on the surrounding equipment and personnel harassment and injury, is a proactive way to eliminate electromagnetic pollution is simple and effective means. The product is widely used in areas where electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic conduction noise are required.
(3) "Space shield wave" LD-1100K series of absorbing materials
"Space Shield Wave" LD-1100K type absorbing material is made of K-band special absorbent and Nitrile rubber base material, which is suitable for suppressing electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic conduction noise.
(4) "Space shield wave" LD-2000 series of absorbing materials
Space shield wave "LD-2000 series of absorbing materials is developed by the production of various types of high-performance nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials for the absorbent, high molecular elastomer substrate manufacturing, widely used in microwave devices and high-frequency equipment.
(5) Anti-electromagnetic Radiation Coatings
Aerospace Shield Wave "anti-electromagnetic radiation coating using high-performance absorbent, water-soluble adhesive and additives made. It has a broadband absorption response, high absorption strength.
(1) Sunscreen topical latex paint
The product is divided into plain, matt, half-gloss and high-gloss. It is durable, durable, anti-cracking, anti-mold, anti-pollution and anti-scouring.The product is suitable for construction, bridges, equipment and other fields.
(2) Interior Paint For Iatex Paint
Interior latex paint with a non-shedding, anti-cracking, anti-mildew, anti-pollution, washable characteristics.It is suitable for use in interior walls.
(1) Aluminum-plastic Composite Flooring
Aluminum-plastic composite flooring  excellent plastic properties, but also take into account the performance of metal materials; is a widely used future new composite materials.
(2) Honeycomb Board Series
This series of products impact strength and flexural strength is very high.They are widely used in industrial materials and other fields.
(3) Prepreg
Prepreg is made of epoxy resin impregnated E glass fabric.
(4) Epoxy Film
HY-YJL-ZRZR-01 prepreg is made of epoxy resin impregnated E glass fabric.
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