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Company Profile

Hunan Aerospace Tianlu New Material Testing Co., Ltd is funded by Hunan Aerospace Co., Ltd. together with the Ningxiang high-tech industrial development zone which supplies a lot of services relate to test such as the third-party inspection, "Internet + Test" platform service, intelligent test equipments development and technical consulting services. We can serve diversified industries such as material field, aerospace field, automotive manufacturing field and so on.

We have leading materials testing capabilities. Our laboratories under construction are more than 3300-square-meter, which can provide six kinds of professional testing items of morphology and structure, element, electrochemistry, physics and chemistry, mechanics and environmental test. We have more than 40 sets of world-class brand testing equipments which value more than 40 million. We will pass the qualifications of the authoritative certifications such as CNAS, CMA, DILAC and so on. The experts of the youth"1000plan" is the company's technical adviser, and the senior expert of testing industry with PhD degree in Germany act as the general manager and technical leader. All the testing technical staffs have the master's degree or higher.

We explore the advanced testing mode actively and have built an on-line testing platform. Besides, we have integrated with the national industrial Internet – “CASICloud” deeply to share about nearly 600 thousand industries' enterprises resources.

We pay great attention to technological innovation, supplying the intelligent, customized, systematic test solutions for customers through developing new breakthroughs equipments.

Company Address: No.1,  Jinzhou North Road, Ningxiang county, Changsha City, Hunan province, China
Website of the on-line testing platform: www.casic-t.com
E-mail: info@casic-t.com        Tel: 0731-88391856

Test and Analysis

The company has complete testing capability,providing a lot of unique services such as morphology and element test,battery test, Environmental adaptability test and Environmental test.

The cloud platform
The company has a cloud platform,which has nearly 600 thousand member enterprises act as potential customer resources. The cloud platform devote to providing all-round service to supply and requisitioning parties.
Development of intelligent test equipment
The company also has capability of developing the intelligent, customized and systematic testing equipment, according to customer's demands. We are now developing XRD-XRF in-situ testing equipment and battery in-situ testing system equipment.
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